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In many situations, Adoption of a minor child is the best solution to a difficult Family Law issue. Some families want to offer the security and benefits of a good family life to the child of a relative or to an unrelated child in need, and they also want to make this arrangement permanent through Adoption. Other people decide to officially adopt a step-child when they marry someone who has minor children.

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Elder Law

Many Northern Virginia people contact The Law Office of Julia J. W. Ovando for help with Elder Law issues. Julia is an experienced Arlington Elder Law Attorney who has broad experience in the area of Family Law. She has helped many of her clients resolve a variety of concerns about the care and protection of elderly loved ones.

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Family Law

Family Law affects everyone at some time in their lives. Children, adults, parents and the elderly are all subject to certain regulations and laws. With her extensive background in all legal matters that affect families, Julia helps people deal with their stressful family disputes and find creative solutions that work for everyone, including minor children.

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As a new immigrant in America you're feeling excited and hopeful about all of the opportunities that await you, but you may also feel burdened by the challenges of following the law so that you can remain in the United States legally and also seeking the proper permits so that you can get a job to support your family. Handling legal matters is not an easy task, especially if you're working with people who don't speak your native language and have to fill out forms in English. As an Arlington criminal defense attorney and immigration attorney, Julia understands the challenges you face as you go through the process to gain legal residency or citizenship.

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Juvenile & Criminal Defense

An arrest for a criminal offense is a harrowing experience. Depending on the case, a conviction can lead to jail or prison, fines and a permanent criminal record. Even what appears to be a relatively minor misdemeanor conviction can seriously derail educational, employment and licensure opportunities. Julia represents adults and juveniles who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony charges. She handles all types of cases, including drug offenses, theft offenses, DUI/DWI and more. A complimentary consultation may be scheduled by contacting The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando.

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Custodia y Visitación de Niños

Vivimos por el bien de nuestros hijos.  Arreglos de custodia y visitación pueden afectar la vida de un niño por bien o mal, y la evidencia es fuerte y incontrovertible de que conflictos de custodia y visitación son traumáticos y con largos efectos negativos para niños.   Deje que un experto lo guíe en este proceso....

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