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An arrest for a criminal offense is a harrowing experience. Depending on the case, a conviction can lead to jail or prison, fines and a permanent criminal record. Even what appears to be a relatively minor misdemeanor conviction can seriously derail educational, employment and licensure opportunities. Julia represents adults and juveniles who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony charges. She handles all types of cases, including drug offenses, theft offenses, DUI/DWI and more. A complimentary consultation may be scheduled by contacting The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando.

Criminal Defense for Juveniles

Juvenile offenders are treated differently than adults in the court system in many ways. Primarily, the court is more focused on authentic rehabilitation with a juvenile. In many ways the court becomes the disciplining “parent.” The court is more inclined to offer a juvenile the opportunity to restructure and make a success out of his or her life than to send him or her to jail or prison. It is vital to hire an attorney who understands this and who knows how to work with the court.

If a loved juvenile in your family has been charged with an offense, Julia will zealously advocate for rehabilitation rather than incarceration. It is often possible to build a new life and career through skillful legal advocacy. Options may include alternative sentencing, programs, classes, therapy, vocational training, community service and other positive outcomes.

Practice Areas

Julia represents clients who have been charged with offenses including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Theft offenses – shoplifting, credit card fraud, burglary, robbery, vehicle theft, white collar theft
  • Drug offenses – possession, trafficking, intent to distribute, manufacturing, prescription offenses
  • DWI/DUI – driving while intoxicated, drunk or drugged driving, open container, underage alcohol
  • Traffic violations – reckless driving, speeding, all driving infractions, license issues
  • All other – ask Attorney Ovando

The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando

Julia provides zealous, experienced legal counsel in all misdemeanor and felony cases, representing children, parents, elders and families in the northern Virginia area. She is extremely concerned with the welfare of society’s youth and with her background as a high school Spanish teacher and coach, she is especially able to communicate with and counsel juvenile clients. She will pursue the most positive results for each juvenile or adult client, always seeking alternatives to incarceration whenever possible. This may include community service, structured programs, counseling and alternative programs.

Julia serves clients in Northern Virginia, including Arlington County, Falls Church City, Alexandria City and Fairfax County.

For a consultation to discuss your case, contact The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando at 703-499-5843.

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