In many situations, Adoption of a minor child is the best solution to a difficult Family Law issue. Some families want to offer the security and benefits of a good family life to the child of a relative or to an unrelated child in need, and they also want to make this arrangement permanent through Adoption. Other people decide to officially adopt a step-child when they marry someone who has minor children.

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Adoption has many details and fine points to consider, so you are wise to seek advice from The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando in Northern Virginia. Julia is an experienced Family Law attorney who has helped many people resolve difficult and complex issues about Adoption. Julia handles many Family Law matters, child custody/support, spousal support and juvenile delinquency, to estate planning, real estate and criminal defense cases for clients.

Deciding what is in the best interest of a minor child is an important aspect of Family Law. Each state has its own set of laws that affect family matters. Our Arlington Adoption Attorney has years of experience helping clients to create unique solutions that involve the care of minor children. Adoption is often the legal course of choice when people remarry others who have minor children, or when they are unable to have children themselves. It offers an amazing opportunity to create a caring family experience for those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy that benefit.

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When Adoption is a potential answer, Arlington Adoption attorney, Julia takes time to thoroughly examine the facts of the client’s case. She is a strong advocate for her clients and the best interests of all parties involved. She often conducts mediation and arbitration negotiations as an alternative method for resolving disputes and reaching satisfactory agreements.

Julia is exceptionally skilled at guiding clients and keeping them informed as they pursue their best legal options for dealing with their legal case and issues that affect all parties. Her goal is to work closely with clients and to learn about their families and goals, so she can help them decide which legal options will generate best results.

Is Adoption for You?

Adoption is a serious legal opportunity to create important family ties. There are many issues to discuss with your attorney before you make any final decision. Julia has helped families with a variety of critically important family issues, including Adoption. She has represented birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child as a Guardian ad Litem. It is always best to consult with an experienced attorney before trying to make any decision that will affect the entire future of a young child and others in the family circle.

To learn more about Adoption, contact The Law Office of Julia J. W. Ovando, in Arlington, VA. Call to discuss your legal concerns now, at (703) 499-5843.

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