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Many Northern Virginia people contact The Law Office of Julia J. W. Ovando for help with Elder Law issues. Julia is an experienced Arlington Elder Law Attorney who has broad experience in the area of Family Law. She has helped many of her clients resolve a variety of concerns about the care and protection of elderly loved ones.

Elder Law is an area of law practice devoted to preserving the legal rights of older people, including those who need special protection of their rights from a legal professional. We help families and seniors deal with difficult legal issues that are regulated under Family Law, such as nursing home abuse, estate planning and guardianship/conservatorship matters.

The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando

Clients are warmly greeted and treated with dignity and the respect they deserve at The Law Office of Julia J.W. Ovando. Julia has worked with families and seniors for many years, helping them with a variety of legal matters. She is an experienced Estate Planning lawyer who cares about seniors and takes time to work closely with clients as they create Wills, Trusts, Advanced Medical Directives and other legal documents. These documents are the best way to maintain control over important financial and personal affairs when person becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to manage their own lives and estate matters.

Arlington Elder Law Attorney

Many issues are presented to our Arlington Elder Law Attorney, including criminal activity that targets seniors. Julia has helped people from Northern Virginia fight for their own rights and to care for loved ones who need legal help as they grow older. Elder Law addresses many problems that are a concern for seniors and their families. If you or a loved one is in a nursing home and suspect abusive conditions exist, we step in to provide the legal strength needed to get justice.

It is never too early to prepare for advance age, as many discover too late. If you become unable to manage your own medical decisions, finances and estate holdings, your careful estate planning becomes invaluable. The time to do this preparation is before the need arises, but if you have not taken the steps to set up a plan including an advanced medical directive and power of attorney, you may be found incapacitated and have a guardian and conservator appointed by the Circuit Court. If your family member becomes incapacitated without having an advanced medical directive and power of attorney in place, Julia will guide you through the process of having a Guardian and Conservator appointed and qualified.

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You deserve honest answers and sincere representation from an experienced Elder Law attorney who knows how to stand up for your rights. Contact the Arlington, VA, Law Office of Julia J. W. Ovando to discuss your Elder Law concerns.

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