How much does it cost to hire Julia?


  • Initial Consultation: Initial consultations of 30 minutes are $100.  All initial consultations during the COVID 19 pandemic are virtual or by phone.  Payment is due at the time of scheduling your consultation.  E-mail us at [email protected] or text us at 703-499-5843 to schedule your initial consultation.


  • Flat/Fixed Fees:
    • Flat/fixed fees help our clients have more peace of mind when entering the storm of legal battles, and we are pleased to begin offering more flat fee representation options.
    • We offer flat fees/ fixed rates for most juvenile delinquencies, criminal matters, step parent adoptions and uncontested guardianship matters.
    • We are also pleased to now offer flat fees in contested custody. visitation, child support, child abuse, domestic violence, divorce and other family law matters.
    • Fixed fees vary from $2000- $15000 per phase of the case, and are set during or soon after your initial consultation based on the unique circumstances and complexity of your case.


  •  Hourly Rates: Julia charges $350 per hour in contested family matters (current as of January 1, 2021).
    • We bill you monthly during the representation.
    • In most contested family matters we collect an initial retainer upfront of $5000-$10,000, and apply it as a credit towards the last month of legal fees.
    • If you prefer an hourly rate agreement, please note this rate is subject to annual increase.


  • Types of Payment accepted: We accept cash, checks and all major debit and credit cards, and work out payment plans when needed.

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